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Advantage Network PHO, in collaboration with Southern New Hampshire Medical Center, St. Joseph Hospital, First Choice PHO, Dartmouth Hitchcock- Nashua, and the Nashua Area Health Center in organizing Stay'NHealthy, a program to help primary care practices prevent, manage and treat at-risk/obese children.

The project is an adaptation of KeepMEHealthy, a nationally recognized program of the Maine Youth Overweight Collaborative. The program goals are to help primary care practices make system improvements and implement practice strategies to more effectively assess and manage pediatric overweight and obesity.

Fifteen primary care practices from the greater Nashua Area will participate in a year-long process which will include three day-long collaborative learning sessions, conference call follow-up, and hands-on practice tools. The goal is to help each of the participating practices make sustainable system improvements in their practices and improve their own individual skills in working with at risk and obese patients and their families.

Stay'NHealthy is funded by the participating physician organizations and hospitals and by grants from Healthy NH Foundation and Harvard Pilgrim Foundation.

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Stay'NHealthy Resource Materials

Provider Tools

2007 Expert Recommendations
Expert committee recommendations on the assessment, prevention and treatment of Child and Adolescent overweight and obesity – June 2007

Childhood Obesity Algorithm - Assessment, Prevention & Treatment
Flow chart for the assessment, prevention & treatment of childhood obesity based on BMI percentile


Office Tools

5-2-1-0 Message (1.2 MB)
English, Spanish, Portuguese

Rationale for 5-2-1-0
Scientific explanation for the 5-2-1-0 Prevention Health Message

5-2-1-0 Assessment Survey All Ages (English)

5-2-1-0 Assessment Survey All Ages (Spanish)

BMI Percentile Chart - Boys age 2 - 20
CDC growth charts modified by Let's Go!

BMI Percentile Chart - Girls age 2 - 20
CDC BMI charts modified by Let's Go!

All Well Child Visit Algorithm

Pediatric Weight Management Initial Visit

Pediatric Weight Management Follow Up Visit

In Depth Nutrition Survey

Healthy Serving Size 1-3 years (English)

Healthy Serving Size 1-3 years (Spanish)

Healthy Serving Size 4-6 years (English)

Healthy Serving Size 4-6 years (Spanish)

Mealtime Magic
Making the most out of family mealtime.

Physical Activity Assessment Survey

Portion Size Tip Sheet


Effective Communication

Effective Communication with Families
At a glance, communication techniques and brief focus negotiation scripts

Readiness Ruler
Tool to assess readiness for change



Drink Goal Tracker

Fruit & Veggie Goal Tracker

Healthy Lifestyle Goal Setting Worksheet

Healthy Lifestyle Goal Setting (for kids)

Healthy Lifestyle Goal Setting (for parents)

Physical Activity Goal Tracker

Screen Time Goal Tracker


5 Fruit & Vegetable Message

Fruit & Vegetable Recommendations

More Matters!
Fruits and veggies... for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

"More Peas, Please!"
Great ideas to get young kids started on a fruit and veggie habit.

"More Peas, Please!" (Spanish)


2 Hours of Screen Time Message

Decrease Screen Time

Screen Time Recommendation


1 Hour or More of Physical Activity Message

Activity Recommendation

More Physical Activity
Fit Physical Activity into your Schedule Every Day!


0 Sweetened Beverages Message

Drink Milk & Water
Encourage Water and Low Fat or Fat-Free Milk Instead of Sugar-Sweetened Drinks

Fruit Juice Facts
A Parent's Guide to Juice

Sweetened Beverage Recommendations
Restrict Soda and SugarSweetened Drinks!

Think Your Drink!
When it comes to NUTRITION, not all drinks are created equal!



American Academy of Pediatrics Coding Fact Sheet
Obesity and Related Co-Morbidities Coding Fact Sheet for Primary Care Pediatricians



Prescription for a Healthier You!
Script Pad Proof for Printer

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