Plan4Health Nashua recently developed a mini-webinar to share with other communities that may be interested in developing Complete Streets guidelines.

In this 16-minute webinar, Camille Pattison and Ryan Friedman of the Nashua Regional Planning Commission explain the coalition’s level of traffic stress (LTS) analysis to determine the walkability and bikability of Nashua streets. They also discuss how community partnerships and outreach to area residents helped them obtain critical biking and walking feedback that will be used, along with the LTS data, to help inform a Complete Streets guidebook.

The goal of the Plan4Health Nashua project is to advance street planning and design that support safer and easier ways to get around for pedestrians and bicyclists. The project is supported by the Greater Nashua Public Health Advisory Council, and was selected as a priority project for implementation in Nashua’s 2015 Community Health Improvement Plan

Plan4Health Nashua is a collaboration between planning and public health professionals, including the Nashua Regional Planning Commission, the City of NashuaNew Hampshire Public Health Association (NHPHA), and Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL NH).

The Plan4Health Nashua mini-webinar is featured on the Plan4Health national website and is available to view and share.

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