June 8, 2014
Nashua Telegraph
By David Brooks

NASHUA – In cities, signs exist mostly to help people who are traveling in cars, unless they exist to help pedestrians avoid getting hit by cars.

Nashua will get some colorful exceptions this week, designed to provide people traveling on foot some vital information, such as how much time it will take to stroll to the nearest pizza joint, and also to draw attention to a part of the city that often gets overlooked.

“We want to promote the assets that exist in the Tree Streets – a very underappreciated part of Nashua,” said James Vayo, who is spearheading the project, called Walk (Nashua).

He’s asking volunteers to show up at the Nashua Heritage Rail Trail at 3 p.m. Friday to help put the signs along six blocks of the trail, which runs parallel to West Hollis Street. They’ll gather at Ash Street and West Hollis and head west, putting up a few signs at several intersections to tell people such things as “It’s an 8-minute bike ride to great bird watching” or “It’s a 1-minute walk to a gallon of fresh milk.”

“When you’re driving in a car, you’re living a different lifestyle than someone who’s choosing to walk,” said Vayo, who is community liaison for Visualize Nashua, an organization co-sponsoring the event, and an advocate for nonmotorized traffic who usually bicycles to his office in the Hunt Building downtown.

“This shows how Nashua can accommodate people who choose to step out of the car,” he said.

The event should last about one hour, after which volunteers can go to NeighborWorks Southern New Hampshire at the Ash Street Skate Park for a cleanup event.

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