By Jessica Ryan
Nashua Telegraph

10.14.2012 - Crowds stopped and stared at the surprise flash mob dancing near Town Hall at the Milford Oval on the evening of Oct. 6.

The flash mob was formed by a group of Milford High School students to raise awareness for the organization Fuel Up to Play 60, founded by the NFL and the National Dairy Council. It helps kids get more involved with exercise and to play for 60 minutes a day to get active.

Last school year, Milford High students put on a flash mob in the winter during student lunches. This time, the event certainly stepped up from a small cafeteria. Now, instead of just students witnessing, tourists, parents, children and peers were involved because it was done during the Pumpkin Festival.

The flash mob was organized by senior Dina Pitsas and junior Bri Hoffman. They had gathered a bunch of students willing to practice in secret for the surprise performance to a song by Ne-Yo, "Let's Go."

The group held many rehearsals to make sure they were flawless for the audience. The students practiced late on the football field and in the mini-gym tucked behind the regular gym.

To make sure the secret didn't get out, anyone who was asked where they were going would simply answer "Chess Club," and nobody questioned it or had any suspicion whatsoever.

For costumes, they decorated black masks and put them on when they started dancing to the music.

"This was such a fun and enthusiastic experience," said sophomore Miranda Couture, who was part of the flash mob. "That was the most exciting event of my sophomore year."

Being quiet about such a high-strung activity was amazing because, as we all know, things are spread quickly by students in high school. But overall, the students did a good job keeping it on the down-low, for they wanted this to be a memorable experience that would catch everyone by surprise.

Jessica Ryan is a sophomore at Milford High School.

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