Concord, NH: Governor John H. Lynch declared September "Childhood Obesity Awareness Month" in the state of New Hampshire. With one in three American children now overweight or obese, the childhood obesity crisis in the United States requires action focused on prevention. Governor Lynch, making this declaration to accelerate progress in the prevention of this epidemic, did so at the request of Cathy Duchesne, Founder & Executive Director of Kids Culinary Arts in Amherst, NH.Dr.

Virginia M. Barry, NH Commissioner of Education, in support of making NH schools a focal point for obesity prevention stated: "Childhood obesity compromises a child's health, which in turn compromises their ability to learn. In teaming with organizations like Kids Culinary Arts, we continue to work at creating a school environment which promotes healthy behaviors and provides opportunities for students to learn about and practice healthy eating while meeting core curriculum standards."

The NH Department of Education is working in partnership with Kids Culinary Arts to create an interdisciplinary Nutritional Health curriculum which uses cooking as the medium and nourishing food as a key learning tool to teach students the importance of sound nutrition. With these lessons, children can be capable of identifying, preparing and eating nourishing foods. The goal of these initiatives is to reverse the harmful and far-reaching physical, academic, social, and emotional problems that are currently plaguing our children and nation as a result of the childhood obesity epidemic.

About Kids Culinary Arts: Kids Culinary Arts is an Amherst, NH, based non-profit educational organization whose mission is to teach kids that nutritious food is delicious food through curriculum based, hands-on cooking experiences. For more information, please visit or contact:

Cathy Duchesne

Executive Director

Kids Culinary Arts

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About the NH State Board of Education: The NH State Board of Education's mission is to provide leadership, support, and oversight of the state's education system to ensure that every individual acquires the skills and knowledge to succeed in a competitive global economy and thrive as a 21st century citizen. The DOE vision is to harness community resources and technology to provide a world class, personalized, student-centered education in a flexible, innovative learning environment that promotes active engagement to maximize the potential in every individual. For more information, please visit

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