The City of Laconia was awarded with a 2 year HEAL Community Grant in April, 2012.

Contact Information

Amy Lovisek
Assistant Recreation & Facilities Director
Laconia Parks and Recreation
City of Laconia
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Click on above image to download Lakes Region HEAL Case StudyTogether with the Wyatt Park Association, the City of Laconia's Wyatt Park – South End HEAL Project conducted several community forums to gather feedback from neighbourhood residents on the challenges and barriers to being active in the Laconia City neighborhood. These forums helped project coordinators understand that safety and access to Wyatt Park were some of the top concerns for the community. In fact, a strong movement to rejuvenate Wyatt Park had already started in the neighbourhood. This caught the eye of the City of Laconia's HEAL initiative and made a perfect project to join forces.

Supported by Lakes Region HEAL and the Wyatt Park Association, the City of Laconia now has extensive plans to renovate the park and immediate surroundings. Funding provided by HEAL N.H. and the City of Laconia will allow for the following improvements to Wyatt Park:

  • Park renovations, including a walking trail around park and safety features such as fencing and lighting
  • Promoting water consumption by installing a water station in the park
  • Safer access to the park by relocating a dangerous crosswalk, increasing pedestrian signs, and renovating existing sidewalks


Pictured left, Mayor Mike Seymour (left) and several other attendees at the HEAL forum at Woodland Heights watch as Beth Gustafson-Wheeler, one of the organizers, participates in one of five exercises intended to identify and help break down barriers to encouraging healthy living in the Lakes Region. TARA GALLIGAN/FOR THE CITIZEN



Wyatt Park is an important landmark and gathering place for neighbourhood residents. The HEAL project is pleased to be able to support the neighborhood in its push for making their park a center of activity once again!

To become involved or find out more information about the City of Laconia, please contact Amy Lovisek at the contact information above.  Last updated January 2016




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