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The HEAL Active Transportation Program was established in 2013 with the goal to make our roads, highways and streets safer and friendlier for bicyclists, walkers, including people with disabilities, and public transit riders. Active transportation is a key objective of the 2015-2019 Healthy People Healthy Places (HPHP) Plan.


NH Residents have equitable access to options for getting around, and safe, high-quality places to play and be active.

Active Transportation Objective

HPHP Plan Objective #1

All NH communities are built to support walking, biking, and other active transportation options.

Active Transportation Strategies

HEAL and its active transportation partners are focused on the following strategies:

Strategy A: State-Level Advocacy and Education

Outcome 1: By 2015, establish a coordinated multi sector state level bike-pedestrian advocacy network to advance state and community level complete streets policies.

Outcome 2: By 2019, at least 15 cities/towns have adopted complete streets approaches to community planning.

Outcome 3: By 2019, a statewide Complete Streets law is enacted.


Strategy B: Bicycle and Pedestrian Infrastructure Investments

Outcome 1: By 2015, communities of need is established as a criterion for NH DOT Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) funding.

Outcome 2: By 2019, public support for active transportation investment has increased 30% from 2015 levels.

Outcome 3: by 2019, increase by 10% the number of all New Hampshire public and private bike pedestrian projects that are complete or underway.

Current Projects

Plan4Health Nashua

The goal of the Plan4Health Nashua coalition, which began in January 2015, is to advance street planning and design to support safe and accessible active transportation.



HEAL Active Transportation Grant Program

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Our Partners

HEAL partners with Bike-Walk Alliance of NH and Transport NH to lead a growing coalition of organizations with a common interest to advance Complete Streets policies at state and state and local levels.

NH Complete Streets Coalition

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