A collaborative project integrating planning and public health where we live, learn, work, and play.

About the Project

  • Supports a healthy, economically vibrant community with roads that provide safe access for all users
  • Focuses on Complete Streets philosophy and guidelines to encourage bicycle and pedestrian transportation in Nashua
  • A priority strategy of the 2015-2018 Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP), supported by the Greater Nashua Public Health Advisory Council

Plan4Heath Nashua Mini-Webinar Highlights Coalition’s Complete Streets Project


This 16-minute webinar was developed to help communities that may be interested in developing Complete Streets guidelines. Camille Pattison and Ryan Friedman of the Nashua Regional Planning Commission explain the coalition’s level of traffic stress (LTS) analysis to determine the walkability and bikability of Nashua streets. They also discuss how community partnerships and outreach to area residents helped them obtain critical biking and walking feedback that will be used, along with the LTS data, to help inform a Complete Streets guidebook.



Plan4Health Video Explains Link Between Planning and Health

Members of the Plan4Health Nashua coalition met with Nashua’s Mayor on the steps of City Hall to discuss Complete StreetsMembers of the Plan4Health Nashua coalition met with Nashua’s Mayor on the steps of City Hall to discuss Complete StreetsThe Plan4Health Nashua project is bringing the City of Nashua to the forefront as a leader in New Hampshire in advancing Complete Streets at the municipal level. The coalition developed an informational video to help demonstrate that people’s ability to make healthy choices are improved when health is integrated into comprehensive planning processes.  

The goal of the Plan4Health Nashua project is to advance street planning and design that support safer and easier ways to get around for pedestrians and bicyclists.The project is supported by the Greater Nashua Public Health Advisory Council, and was selected as a priority project for implementation in Nashua’s 2015 Community Health Improvement Plan. Plan4Health Nashua is a collaboration between planning and public health professionals, including the Nashua Regional Planning Commission, the City of NashuaNew Hampshire Public Health Association (NHPHA), and Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL NH).

Please view and share the Plan4Health Nashua Complete Streets video below:





Plan4Health Nashua in the News:

Coalition Activities:

  • Identify and convene partners
  • Conduct street mapping and data analysis
  • Audit current regulations and ordinances
  • Develop Complete Streets training guide
  • Educate about Complete Street strategies
  • Engage partners and community through strategic communications

Short-Term Outcomes:

  • Build on strong multi-agency efforts to reduce chronic disease in Nashua through the Greater Nashua Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)
  • Grow coalition by engaging more partners with a wide range of expertise and influence
  • Improve perceptions about physical activity within the community
  • Establish support and tools for a Complete Streets way of thinking

Long-Term Outcomes:

  • Nashua_Downtown_smDowntown Nashua: Nashua continues to make strides in street planning and design that make it easier for pedestrians and bicyclists to travel safely.Make it more convenient for people to be physically active by increasing access to safe active transportation
  • Decrease the burden of obesity and chronic disease in the City of Nashua
  • Support a healthy, economically vibrant community






Below are pictures highlighting the downtown Nashua, NH area:

downtown mural_sm   sheltered bike rack_sm
camille sitting on a bench downtown_sm   downtown decorative crosswalk_sm
 downtown garden crosswalk_sm    downtown tree garden5_sm
 downtown garden sidewalk zoomed out_sm    

Members of the Plan4Health Nashua coalition met on October 19, 2015 to discuss efforts to support Complete Streets in Nashua. They were joined by Mayor Donnalee Lozeau and Matt Makara, Program Manager at the American Public Health Association in Washington, D.C. -Courtesy Photos from APHA





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