HEAL Strategic Plan

Stronger Networks, State-Level Change, Equitable Access

The 2014-2019 Healthy People Healthy Places (HPHP) Plan for New Hampshire includes several themes that define the next phase of HEAL in a broader context, reflecting the national movement toward policy, systems, and environmental change strategies. The HPHP Plan prioritizes work that promotes improved access to healthy foods and places for physical activity in communities and populations with the greatest health disparities.

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Overarching Themes of the HPHP Plan:

  • Continue the Community-Level Work
    The work being accomplished by HEAL’s community coalitions is effective and powerful, and can help leverage change at the state level.
  • Make Change in State-Level Systems and Policies
    Strategies at this level are designed to reinforce local efforts to implement and sustain long-term change on a broader scale throughout the state.
  • Make Access to Healthy Environments More Equitable
    Strategies are prioritized to address populations and geographic areas with higher chronic disease burdens through providing increased access to healthy foods and physical activity in high-need communities.
  • Broaden the Network
    New Hampshire’s public health challenges cut across policy areas. To increase HEAL’s impact and geographic reach, new state-level partners need to be at the table from health and other sectors including, planning, transportation, education, food systems, business and industry professional groups, and policy makers. 
  • Expand Beyond Obesity Prevention
    The state’s obesity epidemic provided the impetus for the 2008 HEAL Action Plan. While lowering obesity rates continues to be a desired long-term outcome, stakeholders determined that the next phase of HEAL must be defined in a broader context with a focus on implementing strategies that address the underlying social and physical conditions that contribute to overall health and quality of life.

Plan Implementation

The HEAL Home will coordinate implementation of the Healthy People Healthy Places Plan and lead a network of multi- sector partners – the Healthy People Healthy Places (HPHP) Network. The HPHP Network includes HEAL stakeholders involved in creating and implementing the 2008 HEAL Action Plan. Other members are new to the Network, while many have been working in the many fields that relate to the Plan’s objectives. 

Healthy People Healthy Places Community Planning Guide

Communities wishing to align their efforts with the Healthy People Healthy Places (HPHP) Plan can use the Healthy People Healthy Places Community Planning Guide. The guide is designed not only to help you see where your current strategies align with the HPHP Plan, but to also help you plan community strategies that contribute to moving the HPHP work forward at the local level.

action plan

The HEAL Action Plan for New Hampshire 2008 is HEAL's original blueprint to guide statewide efforts to increase healthy eating and active living in New Hampshire. The plan was the result of the collaborative efforts of over 200 individuals from more than 45 organizations committed to the improved health and quality of life of NH citizens.

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