spinwheel worksitesWorksites of all sizes support healthy eating and active living for employees and dependents. They adopt organizational policies and offer programs that promote access to healthy foods and beverages and opportunities for physical activity. Examples include a policy for healthy foods and beverages during meetings, providing showers for employees who exercise, and structuring benefit plans to include wellness services.



Offer healthy food and beverage choices in vending machines and cafeterias - serve water and fresh fruit in meetings

Encourage physical activity through breaks and flexible work schedules


  • Gain leadership commitment and support
  • Adopt employee health and wellness as an organizational strategy
  • Designate a work group or individual to be responsible for program development, implementation and evaluation
  • Assess employee and organizational needs
  • Create an environment and policies that support healthy lifestyles, examples - time for exercise/physical activity breaks, healthy snacks and beverages offered during meetings/in vending machines, showers, bicycle racks, signs encouraging use of stairs, and breastfeeding-friendly policies
  • Offer a variety of health promotion programs targeted to employee and organizational needs, examples - wellness messages in company communications, healthy lifestyle incentives, walking challenges, wellness coaching, and resources for nutrition, physical activity, weight management and smoking cessation
  • Partner with your insurer to provide health promotion resources
  • Collaborate with community partners to make employees and dependents aware of local healthy eating and active living resources

Staff Fitness Break Cards
The Alliance for Healthier Generation's Staff Fitness Break Cards give you instructions and visuals for a variety of stretches and exercises you can do with your staff or family any time of the day.

CDC's Workplace Health Promotion
This site is a toolkit for workplace health promotion and protection professionals. Use this site to learn about how to design, implement, and evaluate effective workplace health programs.

NH Department of Health and Human Services Worksite Wellness Resources
These resources and tools help create worksites that support and improve the health and productivity of employees. Includes fact sheets, guidelines for change, and health and wellness information.

The CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard
A tool designed by the CDC to help worksites assess their health promotion programs, identify gaps, and prioritize high-impact strategies to prevent heart disease, stroke, and related conditions.

CDC - Healthier Worksite Initiative
The toolkits in this section address overall program design and planning for health promotion programs in the workplace and may contain checklists, step-by-step guides, budgets, and other tools.

Cafeteria and Vending Machine Guidelines
Eating healthy at the worksite can be a bit of a challenge. Often times, choices in vending machines or the cafeteria are high in fat and sugar. With a little initiative and patience you can work to make changes and help promote a healthier eating environment at the worksite!  A resource from NH DHHS-DPHS-Health Promotion in Motion

Guidelines for Offering Healthy Foods at Meetings, Seminars and Catered Events
These guidelines from the University of Minnesota School of Public Health were developed to help facilitate the selection of lower fat and calorie food and beverage options for meetings, seminars, and catered events.

Breastfeeding Programs and Support at the Workplace
A document written by NH DHHS-DPHS-Health Promotion in Motion that details the economic benefits, sample policies, how to support breastfeeding mothers, and NH legislation.

Starting a Walking Club at Your Worksite
A document written by NH DHHS-DPHS-Health Promotion in Motion that includes tips and tools to create a walking program at your worksite that encourages employees to be physically active.

Walk NH
A program designed to promote walking in New Hampshire.

Motivational Signs: Stair Prompts
From the CDC Healthier Workplace Initiative: Simple encouraging messages to help promote the use of stairs over elevators as an easy way to increase physical activity throughout the day.

Wellness Speakers for Worksites
A document written by NH DHHS-DPHS-Health Promotion in Motion that includes guidelines for recruiting credible speakers for wellness topics.

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