• Adopt nutrition standards that support the sale and distribution of healthier nutrient-dense foods and beverages during the school day (i.e., meal menus, vending machines, birthday/holiday celebrations, fundraising events, concession stands)
  • Restrict the sale, and limit advertising and promotions of less healthy foods and beverages during the school day
  • Adopt and implement a policy to provide developmentally appropriate daily physical activity and exercise through physical education classes, recess, interscholastic sports, club or intramural sports, and integrating physical activity into the academic curriculum
  • Support school wellness committees to implement school wellness policies and plans
  • Conduct highly visible school-wide healthy eating active living campaigns with messages directed to students, staff and parents through various media

Before/After School Programs

  • Adopt policies to serve and/or promote healthy snacks and provide for some physical activity each day
  • Substitute non-educational screen time with active games and team building activities/exercises
  • Include before and after school programs in school wellness policies and plans

Preschools/Early Child Care Programs

  • Adopt policies that promote healthy snacks and physical activity, stimulation and limited sedentary time for children
  • Provide skill based nutrition and physical activity learning opportunities for students staff and families

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