• Improve access to parks, playgrounds, and recreation facilities, including after-hours access to school facilities for public use
  • Improve infrastructure to support walking, bicycling and other modes of active transportation
  • Adopt zoning policies for mixed-use, compact and transit oriented development
  • Improve safety and security of streets, neighborhoods and places where people go for recreation and physically activity
  • Create incentives for food retailers, restaurants and other public service venues to provide healthier foods from local farms
  • Adopt zoning policies and programs to promote increased availability of farmers' markets and community gardens
  • Permit breastfeeding in public places and encourage government agencies to promote breastfeeding-friendly worksites
  • Offer social marketing programs, using multiple media sources, to promote the benefits and availability of local resources for healthy eating and active living for children and families
  • Support local community coalitions to create healthy eating and active living environments

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