Plan NH has a mission to foster “excellence in sustainable planning, design and development of the built environment.” They champion Smart Growth and its principles for the state to achieve a vision of livable, vibrant village centers and neighborhoods.

Upper Valley Trails Alliance (UVTA) advocates for the use, maintenance and development of trails in the region. They aim to build the most comprehensive trail resource available for the Upper Valley. Any season of the year, you can log on and find a trail to enjoy.

NH Parks & Recreation is comprised of management components that make up the Division's mission in the state.The Division manages 92 properties' campgrounds, beaches, natural areas, waysides, historic sites and recreational trails.

NH Rail Trails Coalition helps New Hampshire achieve and enjoy a magnificent set of linear parks using abandoned railroad grades.

Safe Routes to School NH is a movement to encourage and enable elementary school children to safely walk and ride bicycles to school.

Commute Green New Hampshire's primary goal is to help people carpool, bicycle, walk and use public transportation to work, school, shopping and similar trips.

Bike Walk Alliance of NH is the statewide focal point for bicycling and pedestrian related issues including safety and education programs, to act as a clearinghouse and resource for literature, and to promote viable programs initiated by other organizations.

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